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Can Am Cat Club


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Best time to reach you

Benching request (one)

     I am handicapped and will need end of the row benching

Number of cages:  single  double  groom
   Own cage: yes no

I will clerk for judge(s):

I will steward the following day(s) for judge(s):

No Late entries will be accepted for this show

Early Bird Received by Jan 24 2018 How Many Total
EB 3 two day entries plus extra half cage (2 double spaces) $270 $
EB 2 two day entries plus 1 groom $200 $
EB 1 two day entry plus half cage $110 $
Regular entries Received by Feb 18 2018 How Many Total
Two day - 1 entry with double space $145 $
Two day 2 entries in 1 double space $210 $
Two day 3 entries in 2 double spaces $300 $
Fourth entry in the same space $70 $
One day 1 entry in one double space $120 $
One day 2 entries in one double space $185 $
Junior Exhibitor 2 day entry in 1 double space $90 $
Sales or exhibition cage (double) $50 $
Grooming space (double) $50 $
Sponsor any ring for 1 day $100 $
Business Card Ad $10 $
Marked catalog - electronic $10 $
Extra catalog $10 $
Donation to Club $ suggested
Donation to TICA NW Region $ suggested
Make check or money order payable to: "Can Am Cat Club" or send payment via paypal To: TOTAL $

Send checks or money orders made to Can Am Cat Clubto Jan Horlick, 5049 Pinetree Crescent West Vancouver, BC V7W 3B4 Canada. Paypal We accept US or CAN funds.

By entering this show, I agree to the following

o    My cats are entered at my own risk

o    If I have any changes, I will contact Entry Clerk immediately

o    I will abide by and uphold the rules of TICA and the Show Committee      TICA rules

o    Entry fees and all related services are due and payable within 24 hours of submission of entry and/or summary forms, whether it be by website, phone, email or snail-mail, and as such constitutes an agreement to pay for those services, even if I fail to bench, or withdraw from the show

o    Pay all fees in U.S. or Canadian funds by the following options: money order or bank check paid to Can Am Cat Club or via PayPal payment to

o    There are no refunds once an entry or service request has been received by the Entry Clerk, however substitutions may be made, see fees session, all substitution must be made by closure of the show date

o    Any excess payment is considered a donation to the club

o    Early bird fees MUST be received by January 24th to apply

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