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Please note: our show is being held along with The Pet Lover Show. The Tradex events building is large and spacious. Our show will be held in a separate draped area and set up will be the same as a regular show. Only cats entered in the show catalogue will be allowed in our area. This will be strictly enforced. There will be a large spectator gate. Many will be interested in seeing our different breeds and wanting information, also inquiring about kittens for sale.

We will have on hand the TICA MEET THE BREEDS BROCHURE which will be available for spectators. Should answer many of their questions.

There will also be more noise and crowding, so if you feel you cannot handle that this maybe not be the show for you. On the other hand if you enjoy other animals will be interesting and fun. There is a food court located in the building offering a variety of food and drinks.

Cage Space: Single 22" tall - 22" deep - 22" wide Double 22" tall - 22" deep - 44" wide Cage curtains must cover top, sides, and bottom of benching cage. Can Am Cat club has only limited number of wire-benching cages. So, if you need a wire cage please indicate on summary sheet so we have your benching area prepared just right! .
Kitten Age Requirements - To compete, kittens must be 4 calendar months old - must have been born (on or before October 23, 2018). To be allowed in the show hall, kittens must be 3 calendar months old - must have been born (on or before November 23 2018). Note: A TICA litter registration must be provided to the Entry Clerk at the time of entry. Any kitten without proof of age will not be entered in the show, nor will it be allowed in the show hall.
Services: Cat litter will be provided in the show hall. Please bring your own food dishes and litter pans.
Vendors: Vendors will be part of the Pet Lovers Show. Contact Nanette Jacques or 604-535-7584 for rate
Show Photographer: no show photographer available for this event.
Non-Vetted Show: All cats and kittens must be current on their vaccinations. Cats with ear mites, fungus or showing signs of illness will not be permitted in the show hall. Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness will be removed from the show hall. Please clip claws on all four feet.
Show Rules: Show Rules of The International Cat Association will be in effect. You may obtain a copy of the show rules from TICA, PO Box 2988, Harlingen, TX 78551 or or from the TICA website: Rosettes will be awarded according to TICA rules.
Clerks/stewards: Please indicate on the entry form if you will be able to clerk. Ring clerks will be paid $45 a day plus lunch. Stewards will receive lunch plus 25$ per ring for each day of stewarding.
Benching Request: Only one benching request will be allowed. If you list more than one, only the first request will be considered. Handicapped exhibitors will receipt preferential and "free" end-of-row benching, if requested. All other end-of-row request will be benched on a first-come, first-served, space available basis at a cost of $15.00. Entry clerk will make every attempt to bench your cats per your request, however, the club does not guarantee that all benching requests can be honored due to space limitations and show hall configuration.
Exhibition/For Sale Entries: will only be accepted from exhibitors that have cat(s) competing in this show. Please complete an official entry for each cat or kitten as per TICA rules. No cat or kitten will be allowed in the Show Hall if not listed in the catalog. Absolutely no sales from carriers will be permitted. Due to limited space Exhibition/For sale Entries will be charged at first cat rate.
Household Pets: Please indicate on the entry form the Household Pet's (HHP) accurate color and pattern. If your HHP has short hair but a bushy tail, it should be entered as a long hair. If your HHP has a small white locket on an otherwise solid-colored body, it should be entered as a solid colored cat. All HHP's over 8 months of age must be ALTERED. TICA registration is not necessary to compete, but it is to claim titles. Phone the entry clerk if you require assistance in completing the entry form and/or the summary sheet.
Preliminary New Breeds and Advanced New Breeds: According to TICA Show Rule 203.19, all Preliminary New Breeds (PNB) and Advanced New Breeds (ANB) must have a TICA registration number prior to any TICA show. No Preliminary New Breed or Advanced New Breed may enter a show with "registration pending".
Registration-Registration with TICA is not necessary to compete in the cat's first show, but is required for the 2nd and subsequent shows for confirmation of championships and TICA regional and international awards. Contact the TICA Executive Office for specific registration procedures.
Liability - The Can Am Cat Club, City of Abbotsford and Tradex Events Center and Pet Lovers Show will not be held liable for injury, loss or damage to cats, exhibitors, property of exhibitors, vendors or other such persons or property in attendance.
Health - This is a non-vetted show. Every cat that enters the show hall must conform to normally accepted health requirements and be up-to-date on its vaccinations. Front and back claws must be clipped. Cats from households with contagious or infectious illnesses within the last 21 days are ineligible for entry. Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness or with parasites will be removed from the show hall.
Closing Dates, Payment, and Fees
• All entries must be received & paid by 10:00pm, Saturday, February 20 2016.
• All fees, services related to the show are due and payable within 24 hours of entry and/or summary forms submission, whether it be by website, phone, fax, email, or snail-mail, and as such constitutes an agreement to pay for those services, even if you fail to bench, or withdraw from the show.
• All fees must be paid in U.S. or Canadian funds. Money orders and bank checks are to be made payable to "Can Am Cat Club". Only checks from a United States bank or designated in US funds can be accepted. No post-dated checks. Returned check fee-$30.00 plus any bank fees charged to the club
• NO REFUNDS! Once an entry or service has been received, only substitutions may be made, for a fee. Any excess payment will be considered a donation to the show.
• Cats co-owned by members of two different households are eligible for multiple entry discounts ONLY if a photocopy of the cat's TICA registration accompanies the cat's entry showing the names of both co-owners.
• End-of-row benching (not handicapped) - $15.00.
• Phone entry fee - $5.00/entry.
• Substitution fee - $10.00/entry.
• Extra catalog - $10.00/each.
• Late fee - Any exhibitor whose payment has not been received for any reason prior 9pm, Sunday February 20 2016, will be assessed a $25.00 late fee. Payment at the door will be at the sole discretion of the Entry Clerk, will be subject to the $25.00 late fee, and MUST be paid in cash. No exceptions!

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